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de-stressing mindfulness and qigong training


What clients have said about mindfulness


"I sleep well for the first time in years."


"Easier now to put things in perspective."


"We've seen a real difference in our daughter."


"I had been with a psychiatrist for years. Within a few months of meditating I felt cured!"


"The feedback on the classes has been uniformly excellent."


"There is a definite improvement."


"I always feel in a particularly good mood after the class."


"It is so relaxing!"




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What clients have said about qigong


"The thing that's magical about it is the concept of chi, and the fact that you can feel chi as a physical thing is just amazing."


"It built strength in my shoulders when I had a damaged rotator cuff."


"My experience of doing a regular practice of qigong - without you realising it, it knits your emotions together."


"Some moves I just love. You can feel them doing you good and naturally want to just keep going with it."


"Loved it - learnt a new thing. Energising and relaxing."


"I particularly enjoyed the way the content was taught."


"I especially enjoyed finding out the theory behind the practices and why they worked."


"The teacher made me feel relaxed and at ease."


"I loved the way it made me feel."


"I decided to follow the practices regularly and I am much better than I was. I feel like myself again."

"But adventure needn’t always be hard and fast. At Brandon Country Park we took a mindfulness walk with guru Amanda Flood.


She encouraged us to put away our phones, empty our minds and focus on the magnificent forest."


- Paul Jarret, The Sun