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Corporate training



Please get in touch for details of workshops and courses offered for corporate wellbeing.


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You may also be interested in the corporate wellbeing options offered by the Self Centre, Bury St. Edmunds, which include the workshops below. 



Corporate workshops


I am available to teach the following workshops in-house:



Each workshop is two hours long plus an optional break, and a take-home manual is provided with all exercises clearly explained.


Class size maximum is dependent on space.


Each workshop costs £30 per participant (subject to a reasonable minimum) plus travel.



In-house courses: 1 hr a week


I provide a short but comprehensive course in mindfulness meditation.


This gives participants some understanding of the background and theory of meditation but is mainly focused on practical work, providing students with plentiful experience of mindfulness, a good grounding in the art of relaxation, and a number of tools and techniques to balance and centre themselves. Again, a take-home manual is provided.


The course is an hour a week for six weeks. Any number can attend dependent on space requirements.


The cost of the six week course is £75 per person (minimum 5) plus travel.



Alternatively I would suggest a short course in qigong practice. Helpful for muscular pains and strains and profoundly relaxing, this is a great way for employees to ease out deskwork strains and get their zen on while also getting fitter.


Again for six weeks this course is £75 per participant plus travel.



I would also be happy to provide bespoke courses in either mindfulness or qigong. Let me know your requirements and we can tailor something to suit you.



For more options for staff wellbeing, including gym memberships and desk massage, please contact the Self Centre, Bury St. Edmunds, on 01284 769090.



My business background


Having trained as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young in London and spent my auditing years in a variety of corporate cultures, I am keen to provide these services as I know they can make a big difference to health and happiness in the workplace.

















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