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Come into the moment

Read through the instructions below and then give them a try. You can do this exercise any time and anywhere: it takes only a few seconds but it's great practice.


1. Take a breath in through your nose: if you remember to belly breathe, then all the better. Exhale as feels comfortable for you, through the nose or the mouth and as you exhale, allow your shoulders and chest to relax.


2. Become aware of something that is happening right now in your sensory field. It may be a sound, the feel of something on your skin, or the temperature of the air around you. It could be a reflection on your computer screen or the weight of your hand on your knee. It may be all of those things together.


You get the idea - there are an uncountable number of things happening in this moment that you may become aware of. Just let the breath go and see what comes into your own awareness.


3. Notice that at this point you are not 'thinking' or doing in any way. You are simply sitting and allowing yourself to be in the place and the moment where you actually are.


4. Notice also the silence and peace that comes with this. It is a subtle, quiet feeling and cultivating this particular seed is a great goal.


5. Now back to normality!


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In that second you chose to exercise your awareness and shift it from the contents of your mind to the actual reality of the moment. With repeated practice this becomes a way of being that allows you to stay relaxed even when things are stressful. This is one of the ways that great athletes manage to 'stay in the zone'.