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Hello. I'm Amanda.


I took my degree in Experimental Psychology at Oxford University and then qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young in London.


While at home raising my children I took up meditation and tai chi: two passions that have continued to this day, almost twenty years later.


I've taught mindfulness meditation for the past eight years, helping hundreds of clients to establish a sound toolkit for meeting stressful times.


I have taught classes in yoga centres, children in schools, groups of people in the workplace, private clients. I even ran mindfulness walks before the concept of 'forest bathing' became trendy! (Woods, walking and meditation go together perfectly.)


My focus is on ensuring that my clients grasp the essentials of practice so that they can help themselves for the rest of their lives.


I qualified as a meditation teacher with the International Association of Meditation Instructors. I'm a long term tai chi practitioner, and trained with a number of different teachers before deciding to qualify as a qigong instructor.


I'm passionate about qigong and meditation and have personally benefited tremendously from both. I went through a patch of depression and another of severe anxiety after divorce -  and this made the best training ground possible for both mindfulness and qigong practice. I recovered entirely, and so can others.



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